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11 Mar

Retirement Planning for the Family

Many of my friends and family members are approaching retirement. I turned 60 last year and my husband and I are facing this new stage of life together. But it seems to me that even if we have known this is coming for years, we seldom talk about anything except health insurance and money. Yes, these are two very important issues that will greatly impact our security as we age.  I also believe that there are more fundamental relational issues and personal hopes and dreams that need to be shared first for these projected needs to be accurate.  

Do you really know if your partner wants to earn money after retiring from their primary career? Are they happy with your vision of what those normal days might look like? Do you know if your children would be open to caring for you in their home if you became disabled ? Is your bucket list similar to your spouse's or very different? Are you happy in your marriage since the children have left the nest?

Many of these answers will determine what you need for insurance and money in your later years. You may be very sure what is appealing to you, but what about your partner in this life?  They are headed into a new stage as well and may ask for compromises to be made. If your children and grandchildren are an important part of your plans, talk with them about your vision.  Do they support your goals for the entire family and any legacy you wish carried forward? 

After spending twenty years talking with spouses, children and many people in relationships, I highly suggest you do not make assumptions without direct conversation. Many folks are taken by surprise when they find their spouse or children are not happy with their decisions regarding retirement. If your family has a difficult time talking honestly together, find a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to mediate this private, important conversation. Go to www.TherapistLocator.net to find a therapist close to your home who could help you and your family look forward to this wonderful stage in life that you have worked so hard to enjoy.